My Photos: Jordan -- Madaba -- The Church of St. George

Archaeologists know the construction dates of some of the landmarks depicted in the map, enabling them to accurately date the mosaic to between 542 and 570AD.  

The map shows the region from what is now southern Lebanon on the northern edge, to the Nile delta on the southern edge;  it depicts the settlements of the day from the Mediterranean Sea at the western edge to modern-day West Bank, across the Dead Sea and Jordan River to the hills of Jordan in the east.  

It shows thriving cities of Gaza, Charachmoba, Bethany, Ashkelon, Lydda, Jericho, and many more.  It also labels many landforms and pilgrimage markers.




Some landmarks depicted within the city of Jerusalem:

The Damascus Gate on left end of city
St. Stephen's Gate in the top --east--wall
The Jaffa Gate in the bottom--west--wall
The Holy Sepulchre Church,
the depiction here being the only known picture of that church

The Nile Delta

Note the defacement of the fishermen in the Dead Sea here

The Jordan River


To learn more I strongly recommend:

The Mosaic Map of Madaba:  An Introductory  Guide, by Herbert Donner, Kok Pharos Publishing House, Kampen--The Netherlands, 1992.  ISBN  90-390-0011-5

This book was an invaluable guide to me in studying this mosaic.  It clearly translates and describes every aspect of every detail of the map.  ISBN  90-390-0011-5

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