My Photos: Italy -- Sicily -- Selinunte

Selinunte, on the southern coast of Sicily, was a wealthy, populous city as early as the 5th century BC.  Today, the ruins of at least 8 temples, one of which is still fairly intact, can be found at the site.  

Also remaining at the site are a large portion of the external walls of the original acropolis, many of the original city streets lined with ruins of ancient houses, other various buildings, a stone quarry, and a necropolis.

Today the temples are denoted by letters, as archaeologists have not positively identified to whom each was dedicated.  The most complete temple today, is known as Temple E, which was dedicated to Hera.





View of the Mediterranean Sea from Temple E

The remains of Temple F:

The remains of Temple G, dedicated to Zeus:


Temple C, dedicated to Apollo, sits atop the Acropolis, surrounded by fortified stone walls, the remains of many other temples,
and the ruins of the residential area of the city.

The view from Temple C

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