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My Photos: Italy -- Sicily -- Noto

Noto, Sicily, near the southeastern tip of the island, was founded in 488 BC by Greeks.  In the early 18th century, nearly the entire town was rebuilt, following a devastating earthquake in 1693.  The cathedral, churches, and many palazzos and civic buildings were rebuilt in Baroque style.  

Noto is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The Porta Reale on Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Also called the Arch of Ferdinand II
Erected in 1838

After passing through the arch,
fountains and churches
in all their Baroque glory overwhelm.
First we find the Vecchio Fontana dell'Immacolata in front of
Chiesa San Franceso d'Assisi all'Immacolata
Built 1704 -- 1745



Chiesa San Franceso d'Assisi all'Immacolata

Chiesa di Santa Chiara

Built 1748

Then we see the bell towers and dome of the Cathedral
Chiesa Madre di San Nicolo

Completed in 1776.


Nice views from up here.

Palazzo Ducezio
Designed in 1746, completed 1830
Named for the founder of Noto, 488 BC
Chiesa di Montevergine

Looking up Via Corrado Nicolaci toward Chiesa di Montevergine
Built 1695 -- 1697
Chiesa San Carlo al Corso

And across to Chiesa San Carlo al Corso
also called San Carlo Borromeo
Built 1730
Chiesa di San Domenico

Built 1703 -- 1736

Teatro Communale Vittorio Emanuele

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