Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

The incredible Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi,
Fountain of Four Rivers,
by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his workshop, 1651AD
is the centerpiece of the Piazza Navona.

Using this ancient Egyptian obelisk
symbolizes the triumph of Catholicism over paganism.

God of the River Nile, head covered symbolizing unkown origins of the Nile

River god of the Ganges, Asia.
Oar indicates Ganges is easily navigable.

God of Rio de la Plata, Americas, shielding his eyes from sun.

God of the River Danube, Europe, holds Pamphilj coat of arms.

The obelisk was salvaged from Circus Maximus

St. Peter's keys, dove with olive branch, and French fleur-de-lis

The horse represents a link between Europe and the Americas.

Lion represents link between Asia and Africa.

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