My Photos: France -- Paris -- Musée de Louvre -- Highlights

This page contains some of my personal favorites from the museum.

My Photos: France -- Paris -- Musée de Louvre -- Salle des Caryatides -- Salle des Caryatides

Leonardo da Vinci:  Mona Lisa
1503 - 1517

Leonardo da Vinci:  Portrait of an Unknown Woman





Giuseppe Arcimboldo:  The Four Seasons  1573
These paintings caught my eye, as I had seen an exhibit of fantastic
20' tall sculptures by Philip Haas, based on these
at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2013.




Philip Haas

Lucas van Valckenborgh:  Tour de Babel

J. M. W. Turner:  Landscape with a River and a Bay in the Distance

Faience Funeral Servant Figurines
1000 BC

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