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My Photos: France -- Nîmes

Southern France is dotted throughout with the remnants of Roman cities.  Nîmes, known in Roman times as Nemausus, is one of the most notable.  It is home to the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in the world, the only fully-preserved temple from Antiquity, the Maison Carrée, and a pre-Roman tower, the Tour Magne.

The Maison Carrée
16 BC

A glimpse of the amphitheater down the street

The Arènes de Nîmes
100 AD









Les Jardins de la Fontaine -- The Gardens of the Fountain

Tour Magne -- 15 BC -- sits atop a hill overlooking the large Gardens, and all of Nîmes

And, some sights from a stroll around this charming city:






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