My Photos: Greece -- Delphi #1

Treasury of the Athenians, built around 508 BC

First look at the Temple of Apollo from below on the Sacred Way

Stoa of the Athenians

Details of inscriptions on Stoa of Athenians

Along the Sacred Way

Roman Agora along the Sacred Way

Colonnade at Roman Agora

Niche in wall of the Roman Agora

The bases here held bronze statues depicting gods and heroes of Arcadia

Ionic Capital

Colonnade of the Athenians in front of the Polygonal Wall.  Built 
around 478 BC to house spoils from naval victories over Persians. 

The Omphalos, or navel stone, was, according to myth, the center of the earth as determined by Zeus.  To find the center of the earth, Zeus let loose two 
eagles from opposite ends of the world.  The birds met at Delphi, indicating 
that this was the center, or navel, of the earth.  

The Rock of Sibyl. The rock lies at a spring, where the Prophetess, Sibyl, was 
said to breathe in the vapors of the earth and predict the future. 

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