My Photos: Greece -- Crete -- Knossos -- The Herakleion Museum

A few relics from Minoan Civilization found in the Heraklion Museum

Snake Goddesses  1600 BC

Bull Rhyton (drinking vessel)  1500 BC
Gilded wood horns, rock crystal eyes,
mother of pearl nostrils

Faience Plaques depicting Minoan Houses  1700 - 1600 BC

Minoan Board Game circa 1500 BC

Disk of Phaistos  1600 BC
Has not been deciphered

Linear A and Linear B Tablets







Various  vases depicting octopus, seaweed, double axe motifs  1500 BC

Fresco from Sanctuary Hall at Knossos Palace
Known as "La Parisienne"
1400 BC

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