My Photos: Greece -- Crete -- The Palace at Knossos

The Palace of Minos

Sometime between 1900 and 1700 BC, the first palace was built at Knossos, on Crete, the southernmost Greek island.  Occupying 6 acres atop a hill, about 3 miles inland along the northern coast of Crete, the palace at Knossos was the center of Cretan population and power until around 1400 BC.  The Cretan civilization that flourished during that period has been named Minoan, after King Minos who, according to Greek mythology, was the son of Zeus.  Around 1700 BC the old palace at Knossos was destroyed by an earthquake.  What can be seen today at the site are the remains of a new palace built around 1700 BC, upon the ruins of the former palace.  In Greek mythology, Knossos was the “labyrinth” where the feared Minotaur lived.  Whether or not the ancient monster really inhabited Knossos, the palace is definitely labyrinthine.

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