My Photos: Italy -- Ravenna -- Basilica di San Apollinare Nuovo -- Right Side Mosaics

The mosaics on the right side wall of the Basilica:

Jesus on a throne, surrounded by 4 angels

On this wall, Jesus is depicted as a grown man with a beard, emphasizing that Jesus grew old, which was a belief of the Arian Christians.

A procession of 26 Martyrs, led by Saint Martin, and including Saint Apollinaris.  They are moving from the Palace of Theodoric toward Christ.  Figures holding crowns in their hands symbolizes martyrdom.










It is clear that the blue field in the gateway shown
above has replaced an earlier mosaic figure.

The topmost band on this wall contains 13 mosaic panels depicting the Passion and Resurrection of Christ.  Notice the Crucifixion is not shown.  Images depicting the Crucifixion did not become common for a few centuries.

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