The Spider

MOW1007 The Spider




The Spider Mosaic Wall Hanging by Brenda Pokorny            $350.00

A web of black, charcoal gray, granite and deep umber stretches across a misty white and cream background.  Delicate strands of white beads reach outward.  Ceramic stars twinkle here and there.  

Glass millefiori, glass beads, stained glass mosaic tile, glazed ceramic tile, vitreous glass tile, granite and sandstone tiles are used in this dramatic contemporary mosaic.

Framed in a sleek black wood frame, with hanging wire attached, this piece measures approximately 13 1/2" square by 1" deep.

Perfect for living room or office.

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The Spider

            by Brenda Pokorny

We pretended not to notice. 

That spider lurking up where the wall and ceiling meet. 

It had been there for a while. 

Nobody spoke of it. 

Not wanting to bring attention to it. 

Maybe if we ignored it, it would go away on its own. 

It began spinning its web. 


At first, it spun delicate strands. 

Single strands. 

The sunshine cast a shadowy image of just a few, jumbled gray lines across the wall, like the last few turns at pick-up sticks, or the mapped itinerary of a busy day in the city.  

But pick-up sticks and busy days in the city are a thing of the past. 

Now, all we have is this spider, spinning its web.


Creeping further down the wall, the web has grown into a sticky net. 


Blotting out all but a few random specks of sun. 

The spider has spun a thick silence.  

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