Peace in Purple by Brenda Pokorny



Mini Peace Mandala in blue and purple by Brenda Pokorny

Using a handmade porcelain tile from MaryDtiles, along with stained glass, vitreous glass tiles, ceramic tiles, glass bubbles, and Italian dichroic glass, I have created a little corner of peace.  The soothing colors range from magenta and purple, to periwinkle blue, cobalt, indigo, powder blue, and soft aqua.  An iridescent purple glass heart is the beginning point for this small mandala.

Framed in a 6" x 6" patented EZFrame by WitsEnd Mosaics, in matte black finish, has D-ring for hanging, or can be placed on a small plate stand/easel for tabletop display.

This piece has been sold.

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