Minotaur's Meditation by Brenda Pokorny

Minotaur's Meditation by Brenda Pokorny                $2,400.00

Trapped in the center of a very long and winding path, my Minotaur contemplates his predicament.  This intricate mosaic maze is inspired by the ancient Minotaur mosaic floor found in Conìmbriga, Portugal, which I suspect was inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur.

Created using stained glass tiles in greens, yellows, oranges, deep reds, black and white, and 2 white glass beads, this piece glows from the center of the maze.

It is framed in a rustic black wood frame which has beading detail, and is about 2" deep.  The mosaic is 24" square, and framed, the piece is about 26 1/2" square.

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To view my photos from Knossos, Crete, the origin of the ancient Greek Minotaur myth, click here!