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When the sun is shining, I can be found outside, puttering in my flower garden.  With birds providing the background music, there is no better way to spend an afternoon.  I have my grandfathers, Lyle Workman and Rudolph Aured to thank.  They both found tranquility and pleasure in the garden.  Digging in the dirt is so under-rated!
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Check out these interactive picture books inspired by my grandfathers:

Come Spring

  • a picture book by Brenda Pokorny
  • dedicated to Rudolph Aured

  • a picture book by Brenda Pokorny
  • dedicated to Lyle Maxwell Workman


Greek Mosaics  There is no substitute for seeing artwork in person. That is especially true with ancient mosaics. Studying photos of multitudes of ancient mosaics in reference books does not compare to experiencing them up close.

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South Africa   
On a family trip to South Africa, I was fortunate to view an extensive collection of contemporary work by a group of artists known as the !Xun and Khwe.  Their vibrant, stunning artwork, as well as their perserverance despite exploitation einspired me.  Click the link below to go to a slide show of their artwork and to learn more about this group of misunderstood people.

See my South African travel scrapbook--coming soon!

Ndebele doll from Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

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