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Beginning December 1,

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I am not making any more mosaic frames.
Below are all of the mosaic frames and mirrors I have left:

  8" x 10" Frames:

White on White Oval 8" x 10" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1457
Ivory & Caramel Mosaic 5" x 7" or 8" x 10" Photo Wall Frame MOF1454

Maroon & Black 8" x 10" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1389

 MOF1454  MOF1389
Two Shades of Blue on White 8" x 10" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1429
Ivory, Stone & Onyx 8" x 10" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1389



 5" x 7" Frames:


Sunshine Yellow & Marigold 5" x 7" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1438
Sunlight Yellow and Cobalt Blue 5" x 7" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1439

MOF1438 MOF1439 MOF1290

Gingerbread Friends 5" x 7" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1448


4" x 6" Frames:



Bright Pretty Pink 4" x 6" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1247

 MOF1229  MOF1247
MOF1319 Camel and Clover 4 x 6

 MOF1339  MOF1319


MOF1245 3 Butterflies on Yellow 4" x 6" Mosaic Photo Frame

MOF1352 4x6 shades of blue shimmer
MOF1289  MOF1245 MOF1352





3 1/2" x 5" Frames
& Square Frames


MOF1361 4x4 Green Millefiori

MOF1445 4" x 4" Blue & White Porcelain Mosaic Photo Frame 

Periwinkle Florets 3.5" x 5" Mosaic Hanging Photo Frame MOF1384
 MOF1361 MOF1445
MOF1360 4x4 Teal Marbles

MOF1284 Log Cabin Mission Style

Crisp Navy & Snow White 4" x 4" Mosaic Photo Frame MOF1456

 MOF1284  MOF1456





 MOF1221  MOF1236
Blushing Bride Mosaic Wall Mirror MOF1001

MOF1001  MOF1146  MOF1305

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