Holly Mosaic Sled MOO5010

Mosaic Sled MOO5010                        $50.00

A country red sled dressed up with holly leaves and creamy white mosaic tiles.  This distressed finish wood sled has a rust-colored metal rim that is gracefully curved and curled.  The handmade mosaic by Brenda Pokorny which covers the top surface of the sled is a field of creamy white vitreous glass tiles, bordered by a row of hand cut ceramic tiles, and accented with a single red glass "berry" surrounded by 3 iridescent green glass leaves.  The front edge of the sled is bordered by a row of burgundy Italian smalti tile, and a white glass drop accents the outer side of each sled runner.  The red painted base is distressed with white spatters and black worn effect on edges of runners.

Overall dimensions:  17 1/2" long x 7 1/4" wide x 5" tall

For indoor use only.

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