Tiny Aphrodite Mosaic Birdbath MOO5078


Botticelli-inspired Seashell Mosaic Birdbath           

This mosaic birdbath will add tranquility and beauty to your garden, as well as a calming gathering place for the birds!

The clamshell-shaped, solid cement birdbath is covered in a subtle mosaic of handcut stained glass, vitreous glass mosaic tile, iridescent Italian glass mosaic tile, and tiny glass millefiori.  Inspired by Botticelli's The Birth of Venus painting, this birdbath is reminiscent of the foaming bubbles of ocean waves.   Seafoam aquas rim the base, scrolls of pale peach and rose curl around the outer walls, and the palest pearl and ivory define the inside of the clamshell, with tiny, white millefiori "bubbles" interspersed.

Photos don't do these materials justice!   The glass is subtle and beautiful!

Birdbath weighs a hefty 20 lbs. and is approximately 6 1/2" tall x 11 1/2" diameter. Base is 7 1/4" diameter at the bottom.  Bowl is 3" deep.

Do not let freeze--care instructions are included.

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