Peace & Serenity Mosaic Birdbath




Peace & Serenity For the Birds      MOO5099       

This mosaic birdbath will add tranquility and beauty to your garden, as well as a stylish gathering place for the birds! 

The octagonal, solid cement birdbath is covered in vitreous glass mosaic tiles in shades of white, ivory, daffodil, soft aquas and teals, and mosaic pebbles in stone, shale and ebony.  Alternate swaths of aqua tile and small pebbles wrap the base.  The top surface is covered in iridescent glass mosaic tiles in ivory and daffodil, with a 1 ½" clear glass bubble in the center.  Eight 1 ½” teal, turquoise, and blue glass bubbles sit on the corners of the birdbath rim, with a row of iridescent white tiles between, and soft teal glass mosaic tiles rimming the outer edge.

21 ¾" tall x 15 5/8" diameter.  Base is 9 ¾" diameter at the bottom.  Bowl is 2 ½" deep.   57 lbs.

Do not let freeze!  Complete care instructions included

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