Mosaic Birdbaths


Who will love it more, 
you or the birds?

Every garden needs a birdbath.  
None is more special than a one-of-a-kind
mosaic birdbath made especially for you...
and your birds!

I currently have only one birdbath available (see below)
but feel free to contact me here
to discuss a custom mosaic birdbath

Peace & Serenity Mosaic Birdbath

Serenity Birdbath

To purchase this birdbath,
please complete this form,
including your shipping postal code.

I will then email you a PayPal invoice
which can be paid easily and securely online.


Commissioned Pieces (sold)

Tiny Aphrodite Mosaic Birdbath
Now refreshing plovers in
St. Petersburg, Florida!

Little Indigo Bunting Birdbath
Now refreshing the nuthatches
in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

The Shire Mosaic Birdbath by Brenda Pokorny

The Shire Birdbath
Now watering robins in
Bethesda, Maryland

Marco Island Birdbath 
Now hydrating goldfinches in
Bainbridge, Ohio

Mosaic Birdbaths

Little Sparrow Birdbath 
Now quenching the thirst of finches
in Marblehead, Massachusetts

Songbirds Small Mosaic Birdbath by Brenda Pokorny

Songbirds Small Mosaic Birdbath
Now watering terns in Tampa

Provence Birdbath
Now watering the cardinals in 
South Euclid, Ohio

MOO5076 Little Sparrow Small Birdbath

Little Bluebird Birdbath 
Now hydrating the thrushes
in Tempe, Arizona

Mosaic Birdbaths

Little Wren Birdbath 
Now watering the chickadees
in Henderson, North Carolina

Mosaic Birdbaths
Little Finch Birdbath
 Now quenching the thirst of titmice
in Bandon, Oregon

To order your custom mosaic birdbath,
please contact me.