Mosaic Ladybugs & Grasshoppers



new critters
always in the works

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MOA5087 Bertie Bug
MOA5089 Brutus Bug

Bertie Bug Mosaic Ladybug
resides in Brookline, MA

Brutus Bug Mosaic Ladybug
resides in Sleepy Hollow, NY

Redbug now resides
in Miami, FL
Country Bug Mosaic Ladybug

 resides in Missouri City, TX

MOA5102 Teeny Tiny Ladybug

Beulah Ladybug



Teeny Tiny Mosaic Ladybug MOA5102
resides in Greenwich, CT
Beulah Bug
resides in Delaware, OH
 Tiny Little Mosaic Ladybug MOA5103
resides in Salt Lake City, UT
MOA5085 Ruby Redbug Ladybug
Ruby Redbug
Now lives next door to her best friend, Beulah Bug
in Delaware, OH!


As you can see, most of my mosaic critters have been sold.  

I gladly take custom orders!

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