My Photos: Prague Sights

Beautiful view of Prague as we approach the city.




Kostel svatehu Ducha -- Church of the Holy Spirit





Pivovar Strahov -- Strahov Monastery Brewery
The monks make delicious beer!



Cernin Palace
The site of the defenestration (throwing out of the window) of Jan Masaryk by the communists.  Jan Masaryk was the son of Tomas Masaryk, the 1st president of Czechoslovakia, from 1920 -- 1935.



Left:  The Plague Column, built in early 1700s, to celebrate being spared from the Black Plague.
Right:  The Loreto, a Catholic church built around 1650, after the 30-Years' War, to re-catholocize the Czechs.

Loretanska -- Loreto Square

The large green structure is the 1st gas lamp in Prague.  
Beside it, the Marian Plague Column, ( different column than that pictured above.)

Schwarzenbersky Palac --
Schwarzenberg Palace

Construction on the main building, seen here, began in 1567.

The rich detailed decoration on the exterior is called sgraffito.



Angels and saints watching over us.

Interesting juxtaposition of the Museum of Communism,
the Casino, and a McDonalds!

Vaclavske nameste -- Wenceslaus Square

The Narodni Muzeum -- National Museum -- at one end of the square.
During the Cold War, Radio Free Europe broadcast out of a building to the left of the square.  There were many attempts to sabotage RFE's efforts to bring news and information to citizens behind the "Iron Curtain", which included the poisoning of the salt shakers in the organization's cafeteria.

In August, 1968, Soviet tanks rolled down this street, ending the Prague Spring,
and the Czechs' hopes of freedom for a few more decades.

The view from the other end of Wenceslaus Square

Now, heading out of town...

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